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Into the Fire (2011)

by Another Musician

Released November 17, 2011.

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Each song on this album is written for or about someone in my life - either obviously, or subtly. I used this album as a way to exorcise some frustrations and anxieties, about the way I was living my life at the time. I wasn't taking the best care of myself, so this project was the first time I could throw some of my demons into the fire - metaphorically, of course. This project was my first attempt at recording by myself with pretty shoddy equipment, so the lo-fi quality is quite obvious.

From the original liner notes:
To anyone listening to this album - when I began writing the songs appearing on this album, I wasn't sure what would happen. I knew I would play them live, but figured that'd be the extent of it. Through the evolution of song, I've developed a love and passion for these songs. They are a part of me. This is a very personal album for me and with this, I must thank you for taking the time to listen and share in my story. You are forever a part of this experience with me. Always loves each other, please.

Craig Bidiman: words, noise, sounds, guitar, bass
Scott Nicklas: lead guitar on "When I Don't Know What to Say"
Tat Hatase: Dog whistle on all tracks

Album recorded in its entirety at Skittles Studios in Corvallis, Oregon from mid-July to the end of October 2011.

Cover photo: Virginia Raffaele
Insert and back photo: Neil Abrew



must thank my parents for whom I would be lost without; all of my friends who have inspired many facets of my life and music, and put up with my singing and/or playing guitar - Rick, M., Dirty, Chuckles, Jacci, McElroy, Tatsu, Dielawn, tPerk, V., Scott, @MattPAdams, Leigh, Chloe, Lizzard, Bode, Joshua du Chene, Target for Tomorrow, Of Saints and Shadows, symmetry/symmetry, Pluto My Planet, Radion, Tuesday Nights, and Summer Soundtrack. I don't have space to value you each individually, just know I am eternally grateful for your support. Thank you for your love.