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Farewell (2017)

by Another Musician

released July 14, 2017

In October 2015, my father died from a decade-long battle with lung cancer. I used music to cope with this loss. I found myself angry, frustrated, sad, and tired of how selfish I had been during the years when he was truly fighting for his life. So I put all of that emotion into this EP. After a few months of perfecting and perfecting, we wound up with a collection of that I am incredibly proud of and excited to share.

All songs written by Craig Bidiman. 
- except “Enamor Me,” which was written by Pianos Become the Teeth. 
the cover is distributed with permission. 

other musicians: 
Tyler Hicks: additional guitars, keys, bass. 
WLDMND: guitars, programming, and arrangement on “Bastard Son.”
Caitlin Kalafus: drums. 

Recorded by Tyler Hicks at Your Favorite Records in Boston, MA
during the months of July 2016, September 2016, and March 2017. 

Executive producers: Craig Bidiman & Tyler Hicks. 
Executive producer for “Bastard Son”: WLDMND, recorded in Corvallis, OR. 

Financially produced by generous donations from Eric Blase, Brian Boughton, Hyunee Choi, Rick Crawford, Mauricio Dimas, Fernando Fernandez, Jonathan Jacoby, Jacelyn Keys, Charley McGowan, Ben Miele, Ed Ray, and Blake Stolk. 

Mixed by Tyler Hicks. 

Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering in Hudson Valley, NY. 
Vinyl pressed through Pirates Press in Emeryville, CA. 
CDs replicated through Atomic Disc in Salem, OR. 

Art design and coloration: Nevan Doyle. 
Album cover photo: Katy Weaver. 
Back cover photo: Andy Gould. 
Drawing of dad: Cam Schroeder
Zine design: Craig Bidiman & Katy Hamm. 

To Katy for putting up with me every day and being my best friend. To my mother for being the strongest woman I’ve ever known. To my siblings for being there when I turned away from dad. To Tyler for dealing with my ceaseless nagging and for giving this project a true vision. To Jish for being the brightest boi in my life. To Caitlin for being a ridiculous drumming machine. To Nevan for dropping out of college. To Katy Weaver for letting me use her amazing photo two years before I even knew that this would be a thing. To Andy for using instagram that one time. To Cam for capturing the essence of my old man. To Paul for graciously giving me a day of his time even though the drum tracks didn’t work out. To Julien for teaching me it's okay to be no fun. To Rene for always being willing to give me an honest answer. To Tat for nothing. And to dad for teaching me how to be patient, even when I couldn’t sit still any longer. 

Special thanks to generous Kickstarter donations from Dirron Allen, Corinne Chun, Drew Desilet, Michael Grasso, Ian Grogan, Andy Hanson, Kristi Hipp, Stephen Hodges, Noah Hurley, Melissa Keightley, Arnold Lane, Matt McGrath, Jaclyn O’Connell, Sophie Robinson, Kate Salvador, Jake Scavello, Noah Stroup, and Chris Van Drimmelen.