the art of survival


In april 2016, my partner and I started a nonprofit to support survivors of trauma...

The Art of Survival exists to create a safe-space for survivors. We believe in the positive impact of storytelling, empowerment through creativity, and the resilience of the human spirit.
Through sharing personal stories, we hope that survivors will allow themselves take back power and control of their own bodies and experiences. Through reading the experiences of others, we hope to decrease the sense of isolation in survivors. Through creating art free-of-charge for each storyteller based on their personal form of resilience, we hope to create a sense of community support and love.
We started during Sexual Assault Awareness month by focusing on stories from survivors of sexual violence. Throughout the project, we have shifted focus on survivors of suicide attempts, domestic and intimate partner violence, violent crime, and more. During our first year, we shared over 125 stories and are still sharing at least one story per week!
We believe in resiliency. We believe in art. We believe in you.
If you are an artist interested in joining our team, please email us at

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