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In 2009, I bought a guitar, and taught myself how to play some covers. From there I added my brand of spoken word poetry over the instrumental pieces I created. I combined these styles to create what I have affectionately called, acoustic spoken wordcore. The "wordcore" is a reference to how I blend spoken word with hardcore tendencies.

The moniker was initially a joke among me and some friends because I was by-far the least talented musicians in a town of mind-blowingly talented musicians. So I went the self-deprecation route and it has stuck.

Over the last 8 years, I have written dozens of songs, played many shows in many states, and released three collected pieces of music - with one to be released this July. You can access all but one of these releases on this site by clicking the album titles under the Another Musician tab in the navigation bar.

The EP I released in July 2017 is called, "Farewell," and it is an homage to my father, Wayne Bidiman, who died in the fall of 2015. I am incredibly proud of the EP because it is getting me outside of the solo acoustic realm and into a full band sound, with lots of surprises to be had!

Feel free to check out and stream the albums on this site, or find my tunes on Spotify, or go to my Bandcamp page, where you can order physical and digital copies of my music!